China blow molding machine semi-auto blow molding machine pet blow molding machine blow molding machine bottle blowing machine ( comments)

2020-8-22 8:23:58

YC bottle blowing machine specializing in the production of various semi-automatic and fully automatic bottle blowing machines

The electric control loop is used to design the lamp heating, which can adopt single or multiple synchronous control with high efficiency and reduce power consumption.

Application of heat transfer analysis and feedback theory is based on the shape and thickness of the preform, and the heating box is kept at a constant temperature.

The preform is not disturbed by external environmental factors and is evenly heated.

The air path system is divided into two parts, action and blowing, to meet the needs of different air pressures for action and blowing, and can provide stable high pressure to blow special-shaped large-volume bottles.

The system is equipped with a muffler, connecting rod and crank arm refueling device.

The operation is divided into two modes: inching and semi-automatic.

Small size, low investment, one person operation, simple and convenient.

The cold air circulation cooling system can ensure the heating consistency of the inner and outer walls of the preform.