Factory Price Full Automatic pet stretch plastic bottle blow moulding machine ( comments)

2020-10-22 10:43:38

Full Automatic Plastic Pet Bottle Blowing Machine

YC-4000BHR bottle blow molding machine is one specialty blows makes PET to model the bottle two step completely automatic to blow the bottle equipment, may blow system 2L most greatly, is suitable in blows the system carbonic acid beverage bottle, the mineral spring thermos, the agricultural medicine bottle, the cosmetics bottle and so on, this machine serviceability is broad, the price can be reliable, the stability is good, the security is good.

1. Uses Mitsubishi (Japan) the computer control system, the performance is stable;

2. The conveyer deliver the semifinished product automatically;

3. Uses the infrared lamp tube to heat up, penetrating power, bottle semifinished product rotation being heated, being heated is even, the lamp tube, the baffle plate highly may adjust, suits the different bottle semifinished product, and has the automatic platoon warm installment, guaranteed dries a constant temperature, stable is touching the screen adjustment, controls warm fine, holds controls simply convenient.

4. Each machinery treat as all have the foolproof device, when some working procedure appears the breakdown, touches screen auto-alarm to demonstrate, will put in order machine the cut to the secure state;

5. Various movements actuate by the import name brand air cylinder, stable reliable, the service life grows, does not have the pollution, the noise low status merit;

6. Uses the double crank connecting rod mode locking, locking force;

7. The air course design will act and the air flush divides into three parts, will blow the bottle satisfiedly, treats as the different barometric pressure;

9. The operating procedure has manually, the completely automatic two ways; Simple, is convenient, is easy to understand;

10.The safe reliable unique valve position design, is lets the air course become clear;

11.The production technical process completely automation completes, has the investment province, the efficiency high, the ease of operation, the service simple and so on the merits;

12.The bottle body exempts is polluted;

13.The cooling system achieves centrifugal the cooling effect;